Sunday, February 3, 2013

little of this, little of that


Well, January sure flew by!  And what a fun month it was!

We had cousin Kiley spend the night last weekend and the girls had movie night.  They are the cutest!  And I love how Brady totally thinks she’s one of the big girls.


A few weeks ago, Daddy D and I had a real live date night.  We went out to eat and to our precious friend’s bowling birthday party.  Why didn’t we get a picture with the birthday girl?  Daddy D bowled while I talked.  I know you’re shocked.  It was such a fun time!


I had Momma Craft Night one evening last week.  {these nights might just become one of my very favorite things---we laugh soooo much!}  Who knew buttons on canvases could be this ridiculously cute?!?


The crafting queens in all our crafting glory….  {love these gals!}


Now that the month of love is here the girls busted out some red.  Ramsey picked out these shirts for her and Baby Sister a few weeks ago.  Ha!  Elmo lovers……


There was a day when I swore my kids would never wear cartoon-y shirts.  Obviously, I’m a sucker with no will power.  Ha!


With Daddy D off to the new house yesterday the girls and I ventured to a few basketball games.  I have a ton of students or past students who play or cheer.  I thought the girls would like a new experience and I know my school kids love seeing my girls.  Brady wanted out on the court the entire time and the highlight for Ramsey was the bag of Skittles from the concession stand.  I’d say we might have one athlete on our hands….might…




We had such a wonderful day today…..we kicked things off with the early service at church {donut holes included—ha!} and then had a great lunch with our long lost favorite neighbors.  Okay, they’re not really lost, in fact, they live a half mile from us.  {They’re renting in the same neighborhood while they build.}

Rams and Campbell---growing girls


We took them out to see our new house.  Speaking of, the electrical and heat and air have been going in all week.  The security system goes in Tuesday, insulation on Thursday, and *hopefully* drywall on Saturday.  Things are about to get even more exciting!


Daddy D’s shop is just about finished….


We ended our day with our Life Group Super Bowl partying.  Smile  I’m usually not a fan of this time of year, but we’ve had a great start to our new year. 

Keep it comin’ 2013!

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