Monday, September 22, 2014

Whoa! Weekend {Part 2}

Ramsey’s birthday fun continued Sunday morning when she decided to sport a cheerleading uniform for the day.  I’m mean why not?


She loves the new scooter---we’re hoping it helps with her lack of balance and coordination. Ha!


My brother brought the other two-thirds of his kids and my dad came, too, for lunch and cake.


Daddy D hung a tree swing, which is super fun for all.


My nephew Mason….


Continuing our celebration of Ramsey’s favorites, we had mac n’ cheese, Doritos, and burgers for lunch.


All three girls baked a birthday cake that morning—lemon cake with lemon frosting.  Yum.


My niece, Zoe, took all of these pictures.  I’m impressed!


My nephew told us how all he ever wanted was a pie in the face.  We made his wish come true.


Well, darn if we only had three birthday candles.  We improvised with giant matches.  Ha!  No worries, I bought some real ones this evening for her actual birthday day celebration.



We kicked my family out and got all gussied up for cousin Halley’s Frozen party.  Ramsey and Halley were born on the same day—just one year apart.  We were so excited!  My kids look a little frozen in this picture---ha!  They were actually just totally into all the fun going on around them.


There was karaoke---and would you believe this quiet little angel got on stage?!?


They also had a fingernail painting station….


cookie decorating….


and lots and lots of eating…we all went into a sugar coma shortly after this.


I did an awful job taking pictures at the party---I didn’t even get one of the birthday girl!  Geez.  Guess I should bring Zoe with us next time.

Well, that concludes Ramsey’s pre-weekend birthday celebration.

Whoa! Weekend {Part 1}

I went back to work today to rest from our weekend.  Let’s rewind…it’s all blogworthy.

I kicked off my weekend by going back up to school Friday night after the girls went to bed around 8pm.  Overachiever.  I stayed until 11---that would be pm, as in way after my bedtime, which was crazy considering I had an early Saturday morning haircut.

I got all my stuff out of the way because I knew we had some birthday celebrating to do.  We went to Kiley’s football game to watch her cheer and pick her up.  Ramsey completely picked and planned out our weekend.

{this gal dressed herself---interesting, ay?}

photo 1

We stopped by QuikTrip for Icees, then to Walmart for Ramsey’s much anticipated birthday shopping spree.

photo 2

Like her little sister, she got herself ready that morning and directed me in fixing her hair….surprise, surprise.

photo 3

After looking and looking and looking some more….even running into my dad and chatting with him, she just couldn’t find anything she wanted.  She is the most non-materialistic child I have ever met.  Finally, as we’re leaving she finds a $10 doll head with hair and accessories---thank the Lord!  Daddy D decided she needed also needed a scooter so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

photo 4

Hello, I’m cute.

photo 5

Our materialistic child, on the other hand, managed to find a few things she couldn’t live without.

photo 11

Ramsey’s latest favorite foods are pancakes and mac n’ cheese.  So we went to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch.  She went with the cakes.

photo 14photo1 2photo1 5

We did some more shopping and she settled on a bracelet making kit from Michael’s.  Wow---I guess I need to realize just how lucky I am to have such a low maintenance girl… this department, anyway.

The Ramsey Ride continues….stay tuned….

Thursday, September 18, 2014

a lunch pail post

So it seems we have become full-time lunch pail peeps here at the Hurt Homestead.  I thought we might do a mix of packed lunch and cafeteria food this year. No such luck, she's eaten twice in the cafeteria and wasn't convinced.  

I can tell you this girl is going through a huge growth spurt! My sleep hater has been sleeping until 7:30 every day this week and cleaning her plate like a 10 year old boy. Since she woke up so last minute, she ate breakfast in the cafeteria while I had duty in there. Our school's breakfasts are pretty good. I think she's eaten in there three times----the three times I've had duty.  Momma's girl.

 I have to stay in the cafeteria for the first ten minutes of my students' lunch time. I can tell you the majority of kids, prek through first grade, eat Lunchables. Blah. Daddy D buys them and my kids eat them every now and then while I cringe in the corner.  Back to lunch pails, here goes....

First up: juice box, cheese stick, plain yogurt with M&M's, Goldfish, and kiwi. Daddy D and Rams shopped over the weekend and I wrote on the list "food for Ramsey's lunch box," hence the M&M yogurt. 

Day 2: Ramsey's very favorite thing---a jelly sandwich (at least I used whole wheat bread, right?), cashews, raspberries, a Gogurt, and a juice box. Side note: freeze the Gogurt overnight and it'll be perfectly thawed and cold by lunch. 

Day 3: watermelon (Rams' favorite fruit), a knock-off NutriGrain bar, cheese stick, yogurt, juice box, and Smarties. The goal is always to pack things that she can eat quickly. They have about 15 minutes to eat and Miss Energy is always more interested in talking or people watching than eating.

Day 4: ham and cheese sandwich, chips, yogurt, apple slices (spritzed with lemon so they don't turn brown---we all know she wouldn't eat them brown), and juice. 

Last week, I branched out and used a hand-me-down Dora thermos from cousin Laney. Anyway, it actually worked! I was so excited---Ramsey said her food was warmish, coolish---which is exactly how she likes her food. That day, I packed leftover spaghetti from dinner the previous night. I'll definitely use the thermos again, she's a great soup eater.

I can say she ate nearly every morsel of these lunches, which is a success in Ramsey's world. I'm going to keep working on new, fresh lunch ideas.....because really I need another thing to do in the morning! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

midweek randoms

I feel like I don't have a lot to report this week. 

Let's start with a dance update. Miss Molly, the dance teacher, asked me again how old Brady was this evening. She just cannot believe a two year can possibly listen this well and love dance this much. The big sis is still a loose dance cannon, in case anyone was wondering. 

I had a why-did-I-make-this-career-choice? day yesterday.....

Only to have our BEST day yet today. Like perfect day. Ah, life as a teacher, it has it's ups and downs, for certain.

My children are nuts and drive me a little nutty. But they're awfully cute and entertaining and I have no idea what I'm going to do when they're old and independent. Life will be so boring. 

Rams and I went to Prek Curriculum Night where they displayed some of the kids' artwork. Ramsey's self-portrait is quite something, don'tcha think?

Being OCD is rough. Lately, Brady cries, screams, whines, and wails when her tattoo or stamp washes off. She gets a stamp at dance each week and randomly a tattoo from Miss Barb. We may need to discontinue any skin decor, as momma's ears are still ringing. I took this picture in the midst of her saying, "I no want my tattoo off! Wahhhhh!" 

Tomorrow is my Friday on a Thursday---sort of. We have a teacher work day Friday, so no school, but meetings. And then.....oh my....Ramsey's 5th Birthday celebrations will begin. Nope, we're still not having a party, but we will celebrate, by gosh, we will. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Wow, these girls ended their week with all sorts of fun! We went Big D's hometown for their annual Fall Festival. 
Heaven on a stick in Brady's world...

It was absolutely freezing--for mid-September, not that the kids noticed or cared. 

We met up with some of the gals' favorite people, cousins Halley, Emmy, and Austen.
Are you dying from the cuteness? 

I think my favorite part was when the dads took the kiddoes and the moms got to step into a few little Main Street shops.  Kid-free. Oh glory, glory hallelujah. 

It was such a good time---I can't believe we've been parents for nearly 5 years and this was our first Fall Fest as a family. We should be ashamed.

Don't let the creepster on the right give you nightmares. He really was a nice carnie.

I took this in honor of my scaredy cat hubs who thinks the Ferris Wheel is down right terrifying. Ouuuuu....we barely made it out alive!

I declare that Fall Fest must be an annual tradition for the Hurt Family! 

The night before all that fun, we skated the night away at a sweet little friend's birthday party.  It was Brady's first skate---she loved it.

I'd say our fun bucket is least for a day or two.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a day in the life of….

I have to admit, in an odd way—these are my very favorite posts of all.  It’s amazing how our daily routine evolves so quickly with little ones.  I think my girls will love hearing how our “normal” day was just as much as all the special occasions that happen once every now and then.

Big D and I are up around 6:30-6:40.  He’s ready and out the door by 6:50 or earlier (guys have it so easy!) and I’m ready by 7.  A selfie for blog’s sake. 

photo 1

The gals are usually up between 6:30 and 7.  Once I’m ready, I walk into a variation of this: girls, blankets, cartoons, and chocolate milk.  I love how Ramsey already has her backpack in hand.  Ha!

photo 2

I dress Brady and Ramsey dresses herself. 

I think the only thing I like about our later schedule is that we eat breakfast at home instead of on the go.  Brady wanted a Toaster Strudel this morning---don’t worry, she eats a “real” breakfast (healthy and homemade) at Miss Barb’s at 9 every day.  See the brush?  I fix both girls’ hair while they eat.  Two birds, one stone. 

photo 3

Rams chose a bowl of cereal, chocolate milk, and a measuring tape.  Shorty after this picture was taken, she poured her entire bowl of cereal on the table.  Yep, it was on purpose, she was trying to “pour a bite” onto her spoon.  Then she missed her mouth and poured chocolate milk down her shirt.  I went into crazy mom mode for about 3 minutes.  {She ate breakfast #2: a yogurt and strawberries later at school.}

photo 4

In the midst of the milk fiasco, Brady wandered upstairs and found a dress she’d rather wear than the one I had her in.  OMG.  Are these two trying to put me in an early grave?  Around 7:45, we head to Miss Barb’s.  I’m literally a hop, skip, and jump from my school, but it takes about 25 minutes to get there with my drive into town.

photo 5

Praise the Lord, the girls watch DVDs in the car on our morning drive.  After the morning chaos, I need a quiet moment to think about my day ahead.  We drop B off around 8 and drive to school.  Around 8:10, Rams and I get to school.  Ramsey is actually pretty helpful once we get there.  She passes out our morning work and loves little jobs so I always try to give her one.  We have about 20 minutes before all teachers’ kids have to get out of their moms’ rooms.

photo 6

At 8:30ish, I take her to her classroom.  Big kids go to the gym and read books until school starts.  I’m so happy prek opens their doors at 8:30. 

I pick up my class from the gym at 9 and our day begins.  Lordy, first grade is busy, busy, busy!  I took these pictures in one of my only hands free moments of the day—math tubs.  We love ourselves some math tubs!

photo 7photo 8

School is out at 4.  Thankfully, Daddy D has been picking up Brady most days so I don’t have to drive back into town.  {Ha!---I make it sound like it’s soooo far!}  We were all home a little before 5 for dinner.  Daddy D whipped up something special for these ladies---hotdogs, brown beans, and a fruit cup.

photo 9photo 10

After dinner, we hopped into some leotards because Wednesday is dance day!  Ramsey does gymnastics on Mondays.  I like keeping extra-curricular activities to two days a week. 

photo 12

The evenings that we’re home are spent playing outside, sometimes we play upstairs, we usually play a few board games and do some puzzles at some point throughout the week.  We like to cook and bake together so they help with dinner most nights.  My children are the kind that have to be entertained most of the time.  Independent play at this house is pretty rare.

photo 14

OMG.  My niece is so precious.  She had her dad drop her off at the dance studio this evening so she could help with the girls’ class.  I told her I’d take her home afterward.  We just love our Kiley!

photo 13

Brady is seriously in heaven at dance.  The dance teacher cannot get over how well she listens and just how well she does for being two years old.  

Okay, we got back home and the girls ran around in the light rain for a little bit before coming in for showers and a snack.  The majority of the time, I read to Brady and Daddy D reads to Rams.  Brady insists on sleeping on her “widdle piddow” these days.

photo 15photo 11

Ramsey was asleep by 8:10 and Brady around 8:20.  The next hour and a half are spent doing this and that.  I always make sure to have a little “me time” by blogging or catching up on some shows.  I also spend a few minutes prepping for the next day—laying out clothes, packing food, whatever. 

D and I are in bed by 10.  Oh, how we love our sleep!

We’ll replay most of this again tomorrow----so nighty night!