Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014 {Part 1}

Of course, the girls and I had to dye Easter eggs last night.  After years of watching Ramsey crack, break, and crumble boiled eggs, I got a clue and bought fake eggs this year.  Genius.  They’re basically ping pong balls in an egg shape and dye-able.  Less mess and no gaggy egg smell.


While the eggs were soaking in dye, Ramsey kept asking, “Are the eggs still dying or are they dead yet?” and once they were finished, “Our dead eggs are so pretty!”  ha!  Love that girl.


One of my favorite things about being a mom—putting together Easter baskets.


They loved it all…..


We spent most of our day at my dad’s house eating and egg hunting.  Brady and her “smile face” never get old.


Hurt family Easter picture…


Eggs ah-plenty…



It was a great day!  Part 2 is coming soon………..

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Eve Eve {2014}

Let the Easter celebrations begin!!  We kicked things off at church this evening…Yes, Friday night Easter service is the best invention ever.  Thank you, LifeChurch.

photo 1

I must take a moment to rewind.  Daddy D has been out of town most of the week and son of a biscuit being a single mom is a whole lotta work.  I won’t bore you with the details of laundry, cleaning, bathing, clothing, dressing, teeth brushing, hair fixing, book reading, cooking, baking, kid feeding, puzzle doing, Barbie playing, board gaming, cat feeding, teaching, working, state testing details.  Nope, not going to do that.  Let’s just assume it was not as enjoyable as our usual days and we’re happy he’s back home.

photo 3

Another highlight lowlight of the week: Brady developed an allergy related cough.  Okay, we’re kind of used to that, but the cough wasn’t the problem.  For the first time ever, I gave her a breathing treatment---no big deal, right?  Ramsey’s had them lots of times.  So before bed one evening, I gave her a breathing treatment using Albuterol, which her doctor prescribed, and put her to bed around 8.  Right at midnight, she was up and not just up---but up and at ‘em.  Her eyes were open wide and she was talking up a storm.  At 2am, I attempted to let her sleep in our bed.  Around the time she was sitting on my chest petting my head and saying, “momma hair, momma hair, momma night night” times a million, I vaguely remembered the pediatrician mentioning hyperactivity as a possible Albuterol side-effect.  I guess Ramsey is already so high energy, we don’t notice a difference with her?  After fighting her from midnight to 4am, I gave up and turned on Cinderella.  She was up for the day.  It was insane.

photo 2

The girls both had Easter egg hunts this week.  They had so much fun…..and so much candy!  Brady had a birthday celebration at daycare for a little boy and Ramsey went to a birthday party at a trampoline park for one of her classmates.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that both girls probably need to go on a sugar break post-Easter Sunday.     

We attempted a few outside pics before we left this evening and failed miserably.  I’m going to have to teach Big D how to use the new lens.  I like this one, though, even if it’s out of focus.


Today was Good Friday---Ramsey and I were out of school so it really was a good Friday.  I took Brady to Barb’s for their Easter festivities and Rams and I went shopping.  I had a revelation.  Going out in public isn’t horrendous because I have two kids---its because I have Ramsey.  Love her I do, but girl is a mess.  First stop: Hobby Lobby—where she picked up a garden stone “because it was so pretty”, dropped it, and it shattered.  Lucky for her and her piggy bank, the Hobby Lobby people were especially sweet and didn’t make her pay for it.  Second stop:  Panera Bread—all was well, until a precious elderly lady walked in and Ramsey announced, “Look mom, an old grandma!”  Really, she meant it in the sweetest way.  She loves old grannies.  Good thing old people can’t hear--the lady never flinched.  Last stop:  Ross---she had to go to the restroom.  While inside, she leaned down to “watch the toilet paper go down” and got splashed in the face by an ever-so-powerful flush of toilet water.   Oh my.


In all honesty, there’s never a dull moment with Ramsey.  Today just had a handful of extraordinary Ramsey moments and days like these must be remembered forever.  One day we’ll look back and laugh….right?  


We have a busy weekend ahead and we’re so excited to celebrate Easter!

Monday, April 14, 2014

smorgasbord of randomness

Oh, heavens---this is a cute picture. Yep, we braved going out in public with all the crew plus one. Momma loves some Friday night Mexican....muy bonito!  We didn't go far, just about 4 miles from home, we didn't want the natives getting restless.

The very next day we ventured to the countryside. I dropped Daddy D and the girls off at his cousin's house while I went to my precious intern's wedding shower.

Her mom did an amazing job on the decorations. Safe to say, it's going to be a western weddin'!  Yessir, that's a stick pencil on the guest book. Literally, a real stick with lead. 

My girls need to own this lacey, streamer'd banner---and that R, too. My intern and I are a match made in heaven for lots of reasons--one being that her new last name is going to be Ramsey. My favorite name!

Keep in mind, my intern is almost 10 years younger than me. I just winced. Anywho, I don't know any of her people. I'm sure they're just as sweet as she is, but I found myself wandering around this showering aimlessly. Hence, the pictures---I had to keep myself entertained somehow.  She was super late because of some delays with a teaching test, so I literally knew no one for a long time. Ha! It was fine. Really.

By the end, all was well, I had new friends ah-plenty. Isn't that the great thing about being....dare I say....older? It's so much easier to strike up conversations and approach people. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have.  Maybe the thirties aren't all bad?

More country cuteness....

I was happy to meet up with some familiar faces after the shower and eat (what David has decided was the best ever) dinner. (Thanks again, Jackey and Kristan!) My girls played and played and it's always a photo op when this girl falls asleep in the car. That's a sure sign of a good time! 

Today Braders turned a corner. She learned to tattle on Ramsey. It is fantastic.

"Roo did it." Oh yes, Brady, we know she did 'cause sister's a mess.

Which brings me to.....The Mess.  So many stories to tell, just not enough hours in the day. How about drinking a yogurt with a straw? Why? "Because it's easier this way and I'mma busy lady!" 

State testing starts tomorrow! I don't condone high stakes tests, but dang momma works best under pressure. I have been rockin' and rollin' this year and I can't wait to see how my kids do! Bring it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

too much?

I took a few pictures of the precious babes this morning.  Then I edited.  And edited.  And edited. 
Is it my imagination or do they look plastic?
I think I should’ve drawn the line at fake mascara.  Here’s another copy of this picture minus the fake mascara, teeth whitening, and plasticness.
My niece, Kiley, is the best photographer’s assistant I could ask for.  She always gets them to smile and she’s so helpful---best of all, she’s free! 
Oh, and photo editing software---so you can make your kids look plastic, too!  I use Picasa and PicMonkey.  
Last one:  A combination of both….

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Q&A: Daddy D

It has been brought to my attention that the hubs would like a little bloggie love....and bloggie love is what I am here to provide. 

{Big D and I many, many moons ago---December 2004}

So let's have a Daddy D moment, shall we? I pretty much knew all his answers before I asked. In David's world, all roads lead to golf. 

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

This has nothing to do with the animal

If you were on death row, what would you want your last meal to be?
Apple cobbler, sonic burger and fries, cherry limeade

He's a simple man....

Favorite vacation spot?
Home. Or a golf trip.

Surprise, surprise.

If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?
A new driver
And pay off the house

How many kids do you want?


Dream job?
Or Pro golfer

Broken record, no?

Favorite day of the year?
Christmas. Not even close

Describe your perfect day.
Sleep uninterrupted until 8. Eat breakfast with wife and kids. Play with kids for an hr. 12:00 tee time. Shoot a good round. Go home. Play with kids a few hours outside. Burn some trash. Eat dinner. Shower. Put kids to bed.  Go to sleep.*

*edited for family friendliness---just sayin'

What's been your favorite age?
Each year gets better

What's the best part of being a dad? Worst? 
Happiness. Getting to spend time with and watch these girls grow every day is a treat. I feel blessed every day. Always looking forward to going home and seeing them. 

Life is too much of a routine. Not enough time to golf and not enough quality time with wife. 

Well, that pretty much sums up David Hurt. Golf, golf, and girls. There ya go. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

weekend highlights and other randoms

I was so, so happy my friend, Christina, came to town with her brand new bouncing baby girl, Maggie. Okay, I still have zero baby fever. I thought maybe Maggie May would spark an urge for a third, but nope, nada. 

We totally surprised Christina with a breakfast baby shower. She came with no make-up, morning hair, and comfy clothes thinking she was coming to have donuts with one girlfriend. Little did she know we were ALL there! Surprise!

Daddy D was playing golf so I took both girls. Lawd have mercy! They were in rare form and full of energy. They pretty much climbed all over me like a couple of spider monkeys.

We all decided to go out to eat that night---I had to salvage my socialization. Ha! This time around, I left Rams with David. Smart move. I took Brady, she and Christina's big girl, Adalynn, were absolutely perfect and I had so much fun....and so much Mexican food!

When we got home, we had a slumber party awaiting....cousins Kiley and Mason came to spent the night.  

Of course, it was Christmas in April with the cousins here all night. My girls can't get enough of those two!

In other news, Roo got her spring pictures from school. They are terribly cute....and worth every bit of the $24 I paid for 4 wallets and a 4x6. Eesh. 

Miss B's teacher at daycare french braided her hair. She looked ten kinds of cute and super old.  She's growing up!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I follow a gaggle of photographers on Facebook.  Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of “lifestyle” pictures.  Some of them are real life, normal people playing with their disheveled kids, running around the park, etc.  Others, are gorgeous props with even more gorgeous people in gowns and such---totally not lifestyle, more like styled life. 


Today my kiddoes were playing in the dirt with their cousins---their usual.  I thought to myself, this is our “lifestyle”---kids, dirt, and the countryside.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some “styled life” pictures, and plan on taking millions of those next weekend if everything goes as planned.

I told the kids to keep playing, Roo immediately stated, “Good, we don’t have to smile!?!” 


Mason decided to be a ham when he saw my camera.  He usually runs away kicking and screaming.


Sweet Kiley---we love her.


The highlight of my time at the ‘pile….listening to Mason explain the Internet to Ramsey.  “It’s wi-fi….oh, you don’t know about wi-fi?….it’s the computer….well, it’s inside the computer….” 


My other niece, Zoe, arrived as I was finishing up, in her pajamas, fresh from a slumber party with all of 2 hours of sleep (6-8am this morning).  She was thrilled that her aunt had a camera in hand as she stepped out of the car.


Just for kicks, I took a few pictures of our house with my new lens.  I had to back up forever and ever.  I was practically in the woods just to squeeze our house in.  Okay, 50mm is really meant for small objects---got it.


I have other weekend happenings….but those pictures are on my phone.  It would be an absolute dream come true if everything could one day be streamlined.  Phone, iPad, laptop, Nikon, blog.  A girl can dream, can’t she?………..