Tuesday, September 30, 2014

brady brooklyn *two and a half-ish*

While I was doing Ramsey's questionnaire, a little intruder kept piping in with her answers so here goes....Brady's Faves:

Color:  purple 
Food:  hotgog
Dessert:  canney (candy)
Best Friend: Miss Ubi (Rubi---her teacher at daycare)
Movie: Frozen
Drink:  Miiiiik 
TV Show:  Peppa Pig
Thing To Do: go Miss Bob's (Barb's)
Animal: orsey (horse)
Toy: baby pincesses
Princess: Anna

We also measured her while we were doing Roo's 5 year stats. She's 36 inches tall.  She's grown 3 inches since she turned 2. Hello---growing girl! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

ramsey kate *five years*

It’s time for Ramsey’s five year stats and a questionnaire…so let’s get started!

First up, she’s 39 pounds and 43 inches tall.  She’s in the 45th percentile for weight and the 60th percentile for height.  She’s always been on the tall, skinny side.


Now the fun part….Ramsey’s favorites!

color: pink

food: mac n’ cheese

dessert: cinnamon rolls

drink: orange juice

fruit: watermelon

drink: pink Icee

person: Cousin Kiley

animal: zebra

thing to do: go skating

toy: Barbies

store: Target

tv show: Dora & Friends in the City

place: home

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A teacher so I can put kids in time out.


Have you ever met those people who don’t know what to do with their arms in pictures?  Yeah, this girl is definitely not that person.  She always has a plan.



Until next year….

Saturday, September 27, 2014

five faves

Just to change things up a bit, here's a few of my faves right off the top of my head....

1. These cooler fall evenings---I could eat them up with a spoon. I also sorta love that it's getting dark a little earlier. Maybe I just love fall, yep, that might be it.  Okay fine, let me extend this fall love to all things pumpkin spice, crock pot dinners, baked goods, every fall color, pumpkin patches, and Halloween fun.

2.  Weekends, y'all. And our upcoming fall break, for that matter. Here's the thing that the year-round working population must understand, after coming off a 12 week summer break, working day in and day out is exhausting. Throw in a new school and a new grade and somebody please resuscitate me! Yes, I still love teaching. 

3.  Okay, I randomly started recording The View just to see the new line up of ladies...and it is FABULOUS. Love me some Rosie O'Donnell.  We're also ridiculously excited that all of our shows are back on or coming soon. Love us some DVR time. 

4.  Vacations. We have a few on the to-do list, both big and small. I almost enjoy planning and anticipating vacations as much as I enjoy going on them. Just knowing they're in the works makes me happy. And knowing that the gals are becoming more travel friendly is the cherry on top.

5. I'm going out with a bang on this list. This is happening in our future {insert squeals of delight}....

Is this the best computer generated slice of heaven you ever did see?

Once school is out, the girls and I will be living out here, just holler if you need us...

Okie doke---off to soak up every second of #2.... 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ramsey’s birthday day.

She sprang out of bed around 7 singing “Happy Birthday to ME!”  Then promptly grabbed her new scooter and buzzed around the house while continuing to serenade herself.  Yep, that pretty much describes life with Ramsey.


We had bacon and pancakes with candles atop for breakfast.


Oh Heavens chile, these two were some kinda cute that morning…


We dropped off Miss B and headed to school where I had a fellow teacher snap a pic of us…


Then we walked into my classroom and look what our school friends did---a card and money were hanging from the ceiling.  It was so fun! She loved it!


That afternoon, Daddy D came to school during my plan time,  we went to Ramsey’s classroom for a birthday celebration.  Oh Lordy, Rams was cheesin’ it.


The kids sang to her while her teacher played the harp.  She got to build a felt board cake, which she was so excited about…


She grabbed a goody from the birthday bag…


Then they read a birthday book…


Continuing Ramsey’s life theme of thinking outside the box, she turned down birthday cake, cupcakes, cookies, and cookie cake for push-ups, which we shopped for the night before.


Her teacher only does popsicle things outside so the class got a bonus recess out of the deal. 


I can’t tell you how happy she was about leaving early with her dad.  They picked up Brady and made a park pit stop.


She picked pizza and wings for dinner…to which we happily obliged.


Her Hurt grandparents came over and she opened presents ah-plenty.


Brady got a few things, too…


We had some more sugar---just what we needed…


We ended the day playing outside.


She said it was her best birthday ever.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ramsey!

Five years ago my dream came true when this beautiful baby was born…


And here she is today!  Happy Birthday, Ramsey Katelyn Hurt.  Oh, how we love you so…



Monday, September 22, 2014

Whoa! Weekend {Part 2}

Ramsey’s birthday fun continued Sunday morning when she decided to sport a cheerleading uniform for the day.  I’m mean why not?


She loves the new scooter---we’re hoping it helps with her lack of balance and coordination. Ha!


My brother brought the other two-thirds of his kids and my dad came, too, for lunch and cake.


Daddy D hung a tree swing, which is super fun for all.


My nephew Mason….


Continuing our celebration of Ramsey’s favorites, we had mac n’ cheese, Doritos, and burgers for lunch.


All three girls baked a birthday cake that morning—lemon cake with lemon frosting.  Yum.


My niece, Zoe, took all of these pictures.  I’m impressed!


My nephew told us how all he ever wanted was a pie in the face.  We made his wish come true.


Well, darn if we only had three birthday candles.  We improvised with giant matches.  Ha!  No worries, I bought some real ones this evening for her actual birthday day celebration.



We kicked my family out and got all gussied up for cousin Halley’s Frozen party.  Ramsey and Halley were born on the same day—just one year apart.  We were so excited!  My kids look a little frozen in this picture---ha!  They were actually just totally into all the fun going on around them.


There was karaoke---and would you believe this quiet little angel got on stage?!?


They also had a fingernail painting station….


cookie decorating….


and lots and lots of eating…we all went into a sugar coma shortly after this.


I did an awful job taking pictures at the party---I didn’t even get one of the birthday girl!  Geez.  Guess I should bring Zoe with us next time.

Well, that concludes Ramsey’s pre-weekend birthday celebration.