Sunday, July 20, 2014

a branson vacay {the end}

We ended our last full day in Branson with some outlet shopping.  It was glorious. 

There was a pit stop to ride a carousel---we made the 9 year old Kiley partake.  Hehe.

photo1 4

That evening, we went to Dixie Stampede.  We LOVE Dixie! 

photo 15

We attempted a group picture---Ramsey was sad that we wouldn’t let her lay in the middle of the butterfly for the pic.  Ha!


After Dixie, the big girls taught the little girls a dance.  It was terribly cute. 


The next morning we checked out bright and early and ventured to Fantastic Caverns. 


Mason wasn’t thrilled—he just knew a bat was going to suck his blood at some point during the tour.


The rest of us really enjoyed seeing it---and darn the luck, we didn’t have any bat sightings.


Stopping at the cave was a great way to end the trip!

As always, we are so happy to be home sweet home!! 

photo 11

Saturday, July 19, 2014

a branson vacay {part two}

Each morning of our vacation, we woke up to visitors outside our backdoor.  We paid them in bread for making our kids squeal with delight each morning.


Before I go any further, I need to backup.  Brady seemed to have picked up Ramsey’s horrible fever virus just days before we left for Branson.  She wasn’t as miserable as Rams, really her struggle was a stopped up nose that came with it.  So she was almost over the fever part by vacation, but she wasn’t sleeping well at night…which meant I didn’t get to sleep at night.  The first two nights were horrendous and the second two were much better.  As with any vacation, and a change in routine, beds, and surroundings, I just pretty much don’t count on great sleep with my kids.  Keeping my sleep expectations low, always.


Days two and three we ventured to Silver Dollar----holla!  We LOVE us some SDC.  Daddy D and I have done Disney and we seriously think SDC is a very close second.  Just sayin’.  Obviously, they’re totally different, but I mean as a family friendly vacation spot.

photo 1

We got to the park before it opened both days---just another perk to having kids who wake up at the crack of dawn.  We rode rides ah-plenty and didn’t wait in any lines, had rollercoasters to ourselves, and just had a hay-day.

photo 2

The lack of sleep caught up with my kids around noon, especially Brady since she wasn’t completely well, and we left the park by one. 

photo 3

After naps, we had some more pool time…


Daddy D and Miss B hiding behind the waterfall…


Sidenote:  The weather was gorgeous.  It was mid-70’s, no rain whatsoever, and just amazing for July---which also meant lots of dips in the hot tub in between swimming in the chilly pools.


We actually cooked out on day two, which worked great. {More on my packing strategy later….}

Day three was our second day of SDC. 

photo 4

Since we had hours of rides on day one, I was happy to explore everything else SDC has to offer on day two.  I LOVE all the little shops, buildings, and of course, we rode the train.  Now day two---oh honey---it was busy.  It was Thirty-Dollar-Thursday and errr-body and their momma came to the City.  Around two o’clock, we were ready to get the heck out of there, but the girls begged to ride one ride---so we did. 

photo 12

Then, more swimming---surprise, surprise….


We deviated from our vacation itinerary that evening for a dinner out.  It just so happens, David’s cousin’s family were also enjoying some Branson time so we met up for dinner.  Ramsey just loves Halley and Emmy so much.  At this point, Ramsey’s week couldn’t get any better---Kiley all week, sharing living space with her cousins, and then hanging out with these gals!  She was in Heaven!  {yes, Ramsey did some rock climbing while we waited for our table}

photo1 3

Stay tuned as we end our trip on a high note………

a branson vacay {part one}

We just got back from *seriously* one of our best vacations ever. 

Rewind five days---these gals were ready to for our Branson vacation…


We stayed at our very favorite Branson resort, Still Waters.  We love the pools and the lake…


My nephew, Mason, and niece, Kiley with Bray….



Our condo was the one on the far right, ground level {hallelujah}.  It was perfect for our combined families, it was basically two full condos with a door connecting them.  They loved locking out our early risers and sleeping in each morning.  Meanies.



My brother giving kayak lessons….


My niece, Zoe, brought a friend, Abby.  Let me tell you---best thing ever.  All tweens should travels in twos.  Really, I have an entire tween post brewin’ in my head, stay tuned for that.



After a fun-filled afternoon on the water, we ordered pizza from the resort---and holy pepperoni! it was delish—and ended a perfect day one. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Look Who's Talking 2

Omigoodness---I love the things that come out of the mouths of my babes. It is non-stop talking at this house, as one can imagine....have you met their parents? 

First up, Ramsey Kate. Oh my. This girl started talking before she turned two, and let me tell you, she hasn't come up for air since. I know the days are numbered on a few of the these so I must document:

I telled you that.
Dad telled me.
I love the Dadas!
I love the Mommas!
I already knowed that.
She calls her sister "Bra-Bra" (yes, the undergarment) 
She also asks, "Who do you think is the cutest in this family?" Which I always respond, "Dad." :)

Me with my future crafter at Affair of the Heart---she loved it.

And picked a headband as her "one thing"....

Okie doke, Miss B. She just started talking up a storm and we are lovin' every second of it! The other day we were in the car and she kept saying, "I doorsey, I doorsey." I played the guessing game---horsey? door key? Finally, she said, "Need water!" Haha! She also says....

Where Woo Woo? (Woo = Roo)
Wook at Woo Woo!
Woo Woo did it!
Sinella dess? (Cinderella dress---she wears it daily)
Gass sippers (glass slippers....see above)
Wash Duwa (Dora. Shoot me now.)
I hungy.
I doorsey.
Dada at work.
Ess! (Yes)
Ou, I tooted! (We didn't teach her this....)
Bay Bay turn. Woo turn.
Me Mouse bip bops (Minnie Mouse flip flops)
I fix it.
I do it!
I no yike it! (Usually heard over the dinner table.)

Church--Frozen Week 2

The worst is the latest and greatest: arguing. It is the craziest thing---my girls will be playing on the floor when Ramsey will say something like, "No, I like this one." Then Brady says, "Ess." Then Rams, "No!" Brady, "Ess!" until they are screaming no and yes in each other's faces in an argument that doesn't even make sense. 

Only Rams would ask for a picture with the "pretty trash can."

I love that we can all communicate in the Hurt home. However, at times I get a glimpse of what the teenage years will bring-----ear plugs, I hope. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


July is our favorite month of the year....for lots of reasons, but mainly because it's At the Movies at church! Our church picks a movie and turns the lobby into a movie wonderland. Stop. The. World. This year they chose Frozen.... 

It was awesome! We can't wait to go back this weekend.

Remember our baby friend, Eli? Oh, how we loved that baby---so much that he stayed with us for a week while his family went on a cruise. 

He came and played the other day.  He couldn't get cuter if he tried. 

I got to spend an entire day with my big girl!  We had so much fun. I'm becoming a believer in quality one on one time, it's hard to find with two kiddoes, but worth every minute.

She went to the dentist---still cavity free! (We didn't tell the dentist about our breakfast choice....)

Oh, this girl. She is such a momma's girl, she can't stand for anyone (even Rams) to be on my lap. Exhibit A: tonight at Ramsey's gymnastics while I held my friend's baby, Gannon...