Monday, September 1, 2014


Oh, dare I even admit this.....okay, fine. I'm officially 31. Like, in my 30's. My Golden Birthday was yesterday. The day I thought would never come as a kid, because really, I'm the oldest you can be on a Golden Birthday. And 31 just sounded like it was soooo far away. 

Daddy D and the girls baked me a cake while they watched the sunrise. What ever am I going to do with these early rising children? I'd love to say I slept in, but have you met my older daughter? I do believe her voice carries.  Her non-stop talking, cackling, and excited squeals can be heard a mile away. 

We ate cake at 9am. That's how we roll.....and this what I look like when I roll out of bed. Lordamercy.

After cake and such, we went to my cousin's house for a Labor Day pool party. Of course, I'd like to think they did all this in my honor and it had nothing to do with the holiday weekend. They did sing to me so there's that. I counted 34 people---it was quite the gathering. I also took a birthday selfie for blog's sake---oh, the things I do for you people! 

After nearly five hours of fun in the sun and one tired Hurt family, we decided to bump my Mexibirthday fiesta to today. So we did and it was delish. Then we shopped. 

Oh, I must back up. So Friday afternoon, Daddy D picked up Brady from Miss Barb's and had a little convo about momma's birthday on their way home. David told her that he got me some new shoes, thinking our quiet child wouldn't utter a peep. Later that evening, we're all four laying on my bed talking when Brady says, "Got momma new shoes birthday" over and over. Hahaha! Oh, how we laughed. She totally let the cat out of the bag. Although, I asked her what color they were and she was adamant that they were red and white, when they're actually black. Colors have never been her strong suit. Oh, these girls---they really do make birthdays, and everything else in life, better! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

end of the week randoms.

These posts are always a barrel of fun!  It’s Friday night---that means I had my first five full days of first graders, mornings and evenings full of my two wild children, a house, a hubs, and every-other-thing that has popped up and sucked all my brain cells away.  I’m sure to make no sense, ramble, and have grammatical errors ah-plenty.  Here goes….


*Ramsey loves school.  Hates naptime.  It’s an hour and a half of laying quiet and still.  That is totally not her thing.  After turning her nap mat into a tent and chit chatting away with the girls around her for days, today her teacher informed me that Ramsey will be moved to a secluded area with stuffed animals and books starting Tuesday.  That should save everyone a whole lotta stress.


*Miss Barb reported to me yesterday that Brady “loves school time” and “is very smart.”  Music to a momma’s ears.  She even gets to use scissors because she’s so responsible.  Love that sweet Brady.

*The girls start dance on Wednesday.  Brady is going to spontaneously combust with excitement.  I cannot wait.

*My Golden Birthday is Sunday.  I’m blown away by the number of people in this world who have never heard of a Golden Birthday!  31 on the 31st, y’all.  Guess I’m not a spring chicken anymore.  Womp womp.

*Is there anything better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer evening?  Speaking of---Crikey!  I’m over this heat.  Gimme HOT on a non-makeup, rag-wearin’, non-school day, but not when I’m dressed up, made up, and at work.  Hurry up, fall!


*I’m about to sound ridiculously lazy.  So in six years of teaching, my contract has always stated that I must work 7 hours, 30 minutes per day.  Would you even believe I now have to work 8 hours?  8 hours?!? Blasphemy.  Now—for the record---I usually work at least an hour each evening after the girls go to bed and some weekends.  I guess I’m just not used to being “on location” for a full 8 hours and honey, my dogs are ah-barkin’. 

*Remember when Daddy D had his golf tournament and he was eating, sleeping, and breathing golf for weeks on end prepping for it?  I think I mentioned it early August and then never again.  Well, Big D brought home the bacon.  He won!!  I deserve at least half of his winnings for being such a supportive (read: not nagging) golfer’s wife. 


*School Moment:  I have the cutest little blonde headed girl in my class.  Ramsey was in dance with her last year and we all just loved her.  Okay, so now she’s in my class and providing entertainment daily.  Today during a math game, she kept saying, “Momma’s on a roll!”  I died.

*Ramsey spent hours this evening packing for a “pretend bacation to Destin.”  She packed a bag for her, Brady, and me---clothes, bows, toothbrushes, pens, and scissors.  All the essentials.  Now I’m just wondering who’s in charge of unpacking….we all know that’s the worst part of any trip, real or make believe.

*Ramsey has decided she does not want a birthday party.  This, friends, is bizarre.  However, momma sees dollar signs and I’m thinking about taking her up on her offer.  Do you realize how much money this would save?  Not to mention the stress, energy, and time?  Now, now….I could never leave a birthday uncelebrated, so I think we’re going to do lots of small, fun, memory making moments.


*The 3-day Labor Day weekend was invented by a teacher.  No doubt.  And this teacher is welcoming it with open arms!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hurt's Honeybee Hive

Oh wow.....I remember not so long ago when my classroom was crisp and clean.....

I'm one week into this first grade journey and Lordamercy---what an adjustment. My class has actually exceeded my expectations, most of them can read pretty well and they're really well behaved, for the most part. 

The biggest change is the curriculum, the noise level (6 year olds don't really know how to whisper), there's a wee bit more tattling, lots of random facts (Friday's my sister's birthday....), you know---lotsa little kid stuff.

The school itself is off-the-charts amazing. It is the best place for kids. The teachers are all super dedicated. I love that.

This is my favorite classroom in all my seven years of teaching. 

I don't use the overhead lights so these super bright pictures are throwing me, I have five lamps--I love.

These are my brand new cabinets that were installed days before school started....just to add to the craziness in my August.

My desk area is perfect. I hop between my desk and table throughout the day. 

Pinterest moment---using a screw/nail/garage whatevers for all my small teacher things (paperclips, stickers, thumbtacks, sharpies, and so on). Once my kids are into their reading groups, those white baskets will have each group's materials. 

Keeping things clean and crisp, I love my one big picture of my gals versus 15 little ones.

First graders spend a lot of time learning on the floor. Glad to have a cute rug.

Daddy D and I built this little beauty. Those green baskets are my "math tubs", which are a highlight of our day.

Little kids need reference stuff everywhere, my math wall is down here....

Future home of student work....

I love the way my lunch chart turned out. We colored little people on the first day and I laminated and cut them out. My kids move them each morning. Yes, the cafeteria has a tray or sack lunch. Oh, the modern day kid has so many choices. 

Favorite room ever. Love it. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

lake day

We spent our Saturday at the lake! D and I aren't really lake people; I would classify us as clear water people. But David's parents love the lake with their whole hearts so we took a road trip to hang with them. 

It was a lot of fun, the girls had a blast. 

Then I had a heart attack mixed with a nervous breakdown when my babies rode this floating sofa atop the water. This had to be the most dangerous thing they've ever done. I put them back in their bubbles shortly after this picture was taken. All is well again.

We ended on a high note watching Daddy D knee board. He even performed a few tricks. Unfortunately for him, he didn't perform the ole sunscreen trick. Betcha ten bucks he spends most of tomorrow in his recliner for a few reasons.... 

And just when you think two kids who were up at 6am and spent over four hours on the lake would fall asleep on the looooong car ride home---you would be as wrong as me. Bless those dear sleep hatin' hearts.

Friday, August 22, 2014

{first} day of school *2014*

Yesterday was our *first* day of school!  Gosh, that seems so long ago….


Ramsey was so excited, she was up at 6am full of energy and excitement!


She and I were ready by 7, even though school doesn’t start until 9.  Yep, you read that right---school starts at 9.  We did our pictures just as the sun was coming up.


We’ve always been early birds at the Hurt Home so I’m curious to see how this much later schedule is going to work out for us.  It seems to be working in our favor….we had time to make pancakes!


After breakfast, we backpack’d up {Brady included} and headed to school around 8.  *Brady has worn “Anna’s bades” (braids) for 12 days straight---but who’s counting?  And she picked out her socks.


Pause for a momma moment: My day was great!  I was really impressed with how well behaved my kids were.  Of course, I’m in that glorious learning curve of figuring out the logistics of the school, schedules, people, and daily happenings.  But I think I’m really going to like teaching first grade.  It’s fun to see where they are now and to know how much they will grow the next 9 months.  Plus, I get to do tons of cutesy stuff with them.  My favorite part was hearing my name….not Mrs. Hurt—oh no, that’s boring. In first grade, I am…

Mrs. Hertz

Mrs. Hurtman

Mrs. Hern





I must say that I am so thankful I have a wonderful friend in the monogramming business.  I totally dropped the ball on the all important first day of school outfit---but she saved the day and Ramsey looked ten kinds of cute.


Drop off was a family affair---of course.


Totally off subject for 2 seconds---my skirt was $7 from Ross. Amen.


And because it’s NEVER too early to suck up---we took Ramsey’s new teachers a little first day of school gift. 

“I can’t wait to ‘light up’ with learning this year!” Love Ramsey

Momma came up with that little diddy all by herself.  Take that, Pinterest.


Ramsey’s new teachers, Miss Monica and Miss Leslie---yes, they go by their first names.  There’s a story there—stay tuned.  So get this: Miss Monica was a teacher at MY preschool many moons ago.  In the hallway, a few weeks ago while we were working on our classrooms, she told me she had been teaching for 41 years, Rams broke in with, “How old are you?!?”  hahaha! 


I loved seeing my girl throughout the day.  She LOVED school and had lots of cute little stories to tell afterward.  My fave:  I asked her what she did during naptime ‘cause we all no the nap hater didn’t sleep.  She said, “Talked to this girl with blonde hair about important things……that I can’t remember now….”

Ha! Love her.  So happy we had such a successful day!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

pausing my teacher nervous breakdown for this...

Omigolly. I haven't blogged since Tuesday.....shame on me! You all, this whole changing schools/changing grades thing is just plain exhausting. But I will survive and hopefully, thrive!

The crazy Roo had quite the adventure last week, I had new teacher orientation so she got to spend time with her cousins, Grandma Lisa, and even a day at Miss Barb's. 

Miss Barb has had a home daycare for 32 years and said she has never met a child as inquisitive as Rams. She's a question box....and that isn't exhausting ever. Ha! 

About two years ago, more or less, Ramsey decided she was going to give Rapunzel a run for her money and never get a haircut. Ever. I was game until her fried, frazzled, split ends were out of control. I convinced her that a trim was in order. It looks so much better!

Trimming Ramsey's hair is like herding cats. 

Another tidbit of excitement, Ramsey broke out in crazy hives one day. We have no idea what triggered it, but the girl was covered from head to toe.  

No excitement to report in Brady's world.....just being extra cute.

We went to a super fun summer birthday party this weekend. I took three pictures and here they are. Mommarazzi fail. I loved this long line of girls climbing up the slide, those cookies rocked my world, and Miss B ate her body weight in baked goods.

Happy birthday, Emmy!

Okay, so next up on the agenda? I have teacher meetings Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday....because it just makes sense for teachers to sit in meetings all day instead of preparing for school. Right? Tuesday night is Meet the Teacher night and Thursday, oh Thursday, nobigdeal....just the FIRST day of school. 

By the way, my girl Roo is beyond excited about school. She. Cannot. Wait. Tonight, with a grin the size of Texas, she said, "Mom, is today Wednesday? Because then tomorrow we'd have school?!" I'm so happy she loves school so much---hope she stays this way forever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

busy bees

I might just be in denial as I sit here and type. After all, I begin working full time TOMORROW. Yep, back to the working world I go, hi ho. I have New Teacher Orientation, which is district wide, the rest of the week (hoping I'm not the oldest gal in the room). Then next week, we have our schoolwide teacher meetings and school starts Thursday. Oy, my stomach just cramped a bit. 

Okay, momma needs to change the subject.....

We took the gals to our local pool over the weekend. I had taken the girls for Ramsey's swim lessons, but we hadn't been when it was open to all the townspeople. And Lordamercy, they come out of the woodwork. I posted up on my lounge chair perch and watched my peeps splash and swim. Shoulder to shoulder swimming with strangers is not my idea of a good time, however the gals, Daddy D, and cousin Kiley loved every second. 

In other news, Miss B has demanded "Anna hair" {braided pigtails} every day and night for days. 

She also started putting her food in lines. This morning, she broke apart her waffle and created a waffle train before she ate it. I'd say she's one of a kind.

The big girl and I shopped for school supplies the other day. She's really excited about our new school.  I see lots of arts and crafts in her future considering our list included glitter, foam stickers, ribbon, and four large containers of glue.  

Last week, one of the prek teachers came to my room to introduce herself. Within minutes, Ramsey was talking this woman's ear off and calling her "my teacher." Well, mark that off the list---got her teacher picked out.  She wanted to take her teacher a piece of candy earlier today so we walked down the hall to find this:

Her name----and it's pink! All is well in Ramsey's world.  And check out her classmates' names---there are some cute ones. I love the names Sawyer, Gentry, and Logan. 

This poor girl has been stuck in my classroom for probably five full days the past two weeks. She's actually held up pretty well and made messes ah-plenty all along the way. 

My classroom is so close to being finished. Okay, so what's taking you so long, lady!? First of all, I have gone by myself once, the rest of the times, I've had one or both of my little helpers---who are zero help.  Also, I have never been more organized in my life. I refused to move in and have things out of sorts---like I did last year. They also replaced my cabinets and repainted my entire room. 

{turning trash into treasure---paint buckets into flowers}

Another huge adjustment is putting up ALL the reference stuff that first graders rely on. Shapes, colors, coins, sight words, calendar stuff, a number line, and so much more. Praise the heavens for staplers and the beloved hot glue gun!

Oh, before I forget---check out the bookcase D and I built over the weekend. It is perfect! Love me a low boy---that's teacher talk for a short bookshelf. 
One more new thing---atop of so many other new things---every classroom has a theme: Hernandez's Happy Huskies, Finch's Feathered Friends, Field's get it, right? After much consideration, we're going to be......

Hurt's Honeybees

Okie doke, this busy bee needs to buzz back to schoolwork! <---see what I did there? Hehe. ;)