Sunday, August 17, 2014

pausing my teacher nervous breakdown for this...

Omigolly. I haven't blogged since Tuesday.....shame on me! You all, this whole changing schools/changing grades thing is just plain exhausting. But I will survive and hopefully, thrive!

The crazy Roo had quite the adventure last week, I had new teacher orientation so she got to spend time with her cousins, Grandma Lisa, and even a day at Miss Barb's. 

Miss Barb has had a home daycare for 32 years and said she has never met a child as inquisitive as Rams. She's a question box....and that isn't exhausting ever. Ha! 

About two years ago, more or less, Ramsey decided she was going to give Rapunzel a run for her money and never get a haircut. Ever. I was game until her fried, frazzled, split ends were out of control. I convinced her that a trim was in order. It looks so much better!

Trimming Ramsey's hair is like herding cats. 

Another tidbit of excitement, Ramsey broke out in crazy hives one day. We have no idea what triggered it, but the girl was covered from head to toe.  

No excitement to report in Brady's world.....just being extra cute.

We went to a super fun summer birthday party this weekend. I took three pictures and here they are. Mommarazzi fail. I loved this long line of girls climbing up the slide, those cookies rocked my world, and Miss B ate her body weight in baked goods.

Happy birthday, Emmy!

Okay, so next up on the agenda? I have teacher meetings Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday....because it just makes sense for teachers to sit in meetings all day instead of preparing for school. Right? Tuesday night is Meet the Teacher night and Thursday, oh Thursday, nobigdeal....just the FIRST day of school. 

By the way, my girl Roo is beyond excited about school. She. Cannot. Wait. Tonight, with a grin the size of Texas, she said, "Mom, is today Wednesday? Because then tomorrow we'd have school?!" I'm so happy she loves school so much---hope she stays this way forever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

busy bees

I might just be in denial as I sit here and type. After all, I begin working full time TOMORROW. Yep, back to the working world I go, hi ho. I have New Teacher Orientation, which is district wide, the rest of the week (hoping I'm not the oldest gal in the room). Then next week, we have our schoolwide teacher meetings and school starts Thursday. Oy, my stomach just cramped a bit. 

Okay, momma needs to change the subject.....

We took the gals to our local pool over the weekend. I had taken the girls for Ramsey's swim lessons, but we hadn't been when it was open to all the townspeople. And Lordamercy, they come out of the woodwork. I posted up on my lounge chair perch and watched my peeps splash and swim. Shoulder to shoulder swimming with strangers is not my idea of a good time, however the gals, Daddy D, and cousin Kiley loved every second. 

In other news, Miss B has demanded "Anna hair" {braided pigtails} every day and night for days. 

She also started putting her food in lines. This morning, she broke apart her waffle and created a waffle train before she ate it. I'd say she's one of a kind.

The big girl and I shopped for school supplies the other day. She's really excited about our new school.  I see lots of arts and crafts in her future considering our list included glitter, foam stickers, ribbon, and four large containers of glue.  

Last week, one of the prek teachers came to my room to introduce herself. Within minutes, Ramsey was talking this woman's ear off and calling her "my teacher." Well, mark that off the list---got her teacher picked out.  She wanted to take her teacher a piece of candy earlier today so we walked down the hall to find this:

Her name----and it's pink! All is well in Ramsey's world.  And check out her classmates' names---there are some cute ones. I love the names Sawyer, Gentry, and Logan. 

This poor girl has been stuck in my classroom for probably five full days the past two weeks. She's actually held up pretty well and made messes ah-plenty all along the way. 

My classroom is so close to being finished. Okay, so what's taking you so long, lady!? First of all, I have gone by myself once, the rest of the times, I've had one or both of my little helpers---who are zero help.  Also, I have never been more organized in my life. I refused to move in and have things out of sorts---like I did last year. They also replaced my cabinets and repainted my entire room. 

{turning trash into treasure---paint buckets into flowers}

Another huge adjustment is putting up ALL the reference stuff that first graders rely on. Shapes, colors, coins, sight words, calendar stuff, a number line, and so much more. Praise the heavens for staplers and the beloved hot glue gun!

Oh, before I forget---check out the bookcase D and I built over the weekend. It is perfect! Love me a low boy---that's teacher talk for a short bookshelf. 
One more new thing---atop of so many other new things---every classroom has a theme: Hernandez's Happy Huskies, Finch's Feathered Friends, Field's get it, right? After much consideration, we're going to be......

Hurt's Honeybees

Okie doke, this busy bee needs to buzz back to schoolwork! <---see what I did there? Hehe. ;)

Monday, August 11, 2014


As promised, here goes the much anticipated tween post. Omilordy. 

Okay, so I vaguely remember being a tween. I remember it was an awkward time where my priorities were my friends and all things that were popular and trendy. The bead necklace says it all.... (By the way, that teeny baby is my cousin, Alex, who GRADUATED. FROM. HIGH. SCHOOL. in May---shoot, now I feel old.)

So tweens these days are us (tweens of the 90's) on steroids. I think. Or maybe it's just my 30 year old mother-self talking? Anyhow, it wasn't until I spent a week in Branson with two tweens that I saw with my very own eyes the monsters they truly become during this not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman time frame (Britney, anyone?). There are two tweens in my life, my little sister (left) and my niece (middle)----this picture was taken back when they were sweet and innocent. Good times. The baby on the right is our precious {still sweet and innocent} niece, Kiley.

So here we are. Now, I can only really speak of my niece's current disposition. We vacationed with her family, along with her best friend last month. Let's just say----momma's scared. I know, I know, all kids are different, blah, blah, blah. I do agree, however there is a common thread among this age group and the thread, friends, is an ugly one.

Here's a current picture of my niece---I stole this from her Instagram where you can find selfies ah-plenty.

Oh yeah, back to the week with tweens----I wasn't surprised by the whining, the complaining, the silliness, or even the amount of time spent on one's hair and make-up. I was most disturbed at just how materialistic these girls are. Their world revolves around name brands and iPhones. Back in my day, we had our Lucky jeans and Doc Martens. I know, I know. But were these things my every thought, conversation, and focus? I really don't think so.

Oh, the make-up....surely this was a dance recital selfie?

Beyond the material things, the amount of bad judgement really had me scratching my head. They wore pajamas in public one day and gave each other full Glamour Shots makeovers before bed the next. One sunny afternoon, while we hung out at the pool, they rode bicycles around the bikinis. Just as Zoe's dear aunt warned them that this might not be the smartest idea, the girls peddled off giggling (no doubt uttering "she's totally lame"). Sadly, auntie was right and here's the road rash to prove it. Now, would you even believe----they wrecked into each other? This is what I'm saying, I think they actually start losing brain cells at this age.  Oh heavens, being the mom of tweens might just kill me.

To sum it up, I shall gift you with Zoe's "philosophy": Wear it a day and throw it away. Obviously, this is just crazy talk and she doesn't actually throw her clothes away. But isn't it just insane that she wants to?

Any moms of little ones as scared as me? And why does this make me think of those pre-kid days when I would swear my future, perfect child would never act like the fit-throwing toddler in Walmart? Yeah, I was wrong about that.  But this? No, no way----the Hurt girls will be precious, sweet and angelic tweens. I just know it! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I love me some outtakes…because let’s face it:  Outtakes are real life.  The good pics are real life with sugar on top. 

Ramsey is totally into posing right now.  She turns into a human pretzel with her head cocked, hand on her popped out hip and legs twisted and turned.  I have no idea where she gets this, but I kept making her take it down a notch during our photo session.  She’s also going through a phase where she bows and says, “It would be my honor” when I ask her to do something.  Future actress, no?


These are the kind of outtakes I love with all my heart.  Brady is still so obsessed with her sister.  The other day she asked, “Where Woo Woo?”  I told her she wasn’t home and she said, “I miss my friend.”  Holy sweetness.


Now Bridget’s kids were a whole other ball of wax I hadn’t experienced.  Her boys loved making silly faces just as I snapped the picture….I bet this is a shenanigan they picked up from their dad.



This is the moment that a bug flew in Jack’s ear.  Ha!  Don’t we all just hate when that happens?


I love pictures---love them, the good, the bad, and the crazy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I took some pictures…

My cousin and I had a little photo session with our kiddoes the other day.  I know my days are numbered and there will be a day that my kids aren’t so cooperative.  Until then, I’m going to stay picture obsessed….


These little dresses are the cutest things I’ve ever seen---can you believe I got them at Sam’s for $9?  Jackpot.


My girls hug all the time.  Sometimes they hug just to annoy each other, but nonetheless, I love it.




Omiheavens.  Taking a picture of three kids is a whole new ballgame. 


I’m so happy we got a few good ones!  We love these cousins.

{Laney, Max, and Jack}


Yes, I’m still knee deep in all things back to school---and I better get back to it!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Adventure Girls

The Hurt gals have had a couple of adventures lately that I must report on.

First up, in my quest to change things up last week---I decided a trip to the river was just what we needed.  We were up bright and early, thankfully since it was 112 degrees by 9am. We walked across the pedestrian bridge, which they loved....

Then, we walked over a mile along the river to the park for a splash pad break, and another mile back to the car.  It was just what the doctor ordered to get all three of us of our funk---and some great exercise as an added bonus. Momma was sweatin' like a wildebeest.

We are fresh off our second adventure: Sontag Back to School Bash! My cousin, Bridget, and her family hosted their 2nd annual Bash just the other night.

They made a giant slip n' slide---it was amazing!

Brady has decided she's more of a spectator than a participate. 

They had a shaving cream fight, threw water balloons, played in the creek behind their house, jumped on the trampoline, played in the treehouse, and just had some good ole fashioned family fun.

They also had a hotdog dinner with chips and fruit--because that's what you feed a herd of hungry kiddoes.  

Why yes, that's cousin Addison pouring dish soap down her front....these folks were serious about their slipping and sliding.

The whole crew---and Brady who just enjoyed the evening festivities then got picked up by her mom and dad.  It was an age 3-and-up type shindig, and for good reason. 
Can you even believe she kept eleven kids overnight, plus her own three? We deemed her a saint the next day. St. Bridget, no? 

This girl hasn't stopped talking about all the fun she had! 

So after a redneck, backyard shower---they snuggled into their sleeping bags to watch a movie. Unbelievably so, our girl was the first one asleep. The sleep hater herself, I'd say she was completely worn out.

They woke up to chocolate chip pancakes, then played in the rain, and played some more inside until pickup at noon. Ramsey was not happy to see me and even said she didn't miss me at all! Good for her----sounds like a sweet summertime memory was made.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

jaw dropper.

Your jaw is about to be on the floor.

This has been the most insane week of my entire life. 

Life has changed for me.

I left my school. I quit my job. I did.

I enjoyed it, I loved it, I had a great year, and it was just what I needed transitioning from Tulsa Public. I met great friends, my kids rocked the state tests, I shared innovative ideas with the was all pretty great. 

But here's the thing.  The BEST school---the best of the best called and I answered. 

I will now bore you with pictures of my new classroom....

I am now working at the school just down the street from the Hurt Homestead---I could walk to work, probably won't, but you never know. This school received an A on their state report card---although full disclosure, I think the state report cards are a bit wonky. They have tons of parental involvement, lots of students who tranfer in because this is where people want their kids, and teachers who have worked there forever because no one ever leaves. Seriously.

So here's a kicker: I'm teaching 1st grade. This is sure to be an adventure! Momma is a wee bit nervous.

We moved my stuff in last night and I got most of the furniture organized today...

I'm really excited about teaching here---but I'm most excited about our girls going here! 

So just hold on, Bloggy friends, we're about to go on a wild ride! {again---last time, I promise}